Apartment Ratings

Top Rated by ApartmentRatings.com!

Congratulations to the staff at The Highlands at Huckleberry Ridge Apartments for being honored as a Top Rated community by ApartmentRatings in 2018! Highlands received a 81% recommended score from residents!

Highlands Phase 2 Blacksburg Apartments

Now Leasing Highlands Phase 2!

Highlands at Huckleberry Ridge is growing! We recently completed our second phase. Apply online through the Application Page and select “Phase 2 Applicant Login”.

2018 NRVAC Awards

A Successful Night at the 2018 NRVAC Awards!

NRVAC Awards recognize the outstanding individuals and dedicated communities in New River Valley Virginia Areas that have excelled in their region during the 2018 year.

The Highlands at Huckleberry Ridge received the 2018 Community of the Year Awards (Apartments 0-15 years old) for the second year running! Danielle Vaught, Marketing Manager at The Highlands, also received the On-Site Outstanding Performer of the Year.

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Our blog articles will help you get the most out of your residence at Highlands Apartments! Learn about local resources, decorating and apartment lifestyle tips, and news about your community in the articles below:

Public Parks in Blacksburg, Virginia

From tranquil lakeside retreats to adrenaline-pumping adventure spots, Blacksburg’s parks offer something for everyone. Grab your walking shoes, pack a picnic basket, and let’s embark on a journey through the captivating public parks that make Blacksburg, Virginia a little piece of paradise!

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Apartments vs. Condos vs. Townhomes Explained

When searching for your new home to rent, the real estate jargon can get confusing. Let’s break down the differences between apartments, condos, and townhomes to help you figure out the best option for you and your family.

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Monthly Expenses to Expect as an Apartment Renter

When choosing your next apartment, budgeting for the rent you can afford is typically your first step. But there are many other monthly living expenses to consider! Here are a few of the most common apartment living expenses to expect when planning your budget:

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Pool Safety For The Summer

Your apartment community pool is a great way to stay cool in the summer! These safety tips can help ensure that everyone enjoys a perfect day at the pool.

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What Is An Emergency Maintenance Request

Apartment renters don’t usually need to worry about home maintenance and repair. But something is bound to go wrong every once in a while, which is why it’s essential for you to know when to call for an emergency maintenance request.

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Spring Has Sprung in Blacksburg

With vaccines going out, restrictions winding down, and the weather warming up, spring in Blacksburg presents the perfect opportunity to finally get out of the house with safe, socially distanced outdoor events and festivals, outdoor activities, and more!

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5 Tips For Pet-Friendly Apartment Living

More and more people are choosing apartment living for its affordability and convince! But one aspect that can be a difficult transition is taking care of pets in an apartment. If you are living with pets in an apartment, here are a few tips to help you both enjoy apartment living as much as possible!

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How Much Should Your Rent Be?

How much should your rent be? This is a question that every renter should ask themselves while apartment hunting. Though the question can mean two very different things!

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Holidays at Home in Blacksburg

With COVID-19, it can be hard to keep up with any Holiday events happening in Blacksburg. We have collected information on holiday events happening in Blacksburg and virtual events to help fill your holiday season with plenty of cheer! 

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Saving On Your Apartment Utilities

Many renters assume they have very little control over their utility bills, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are multiple ways to make your apartment more efficient, save on utility costs, and still stay warm and cozy this winter.

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Apartment Community Playground Safety

Apartment community playgrounds offer a great benefit to families with young kids! While apartment community playgrounds offer more privacy than a public playground, its still important to keep safety in mind.

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Is Now the Perfect Time to Take Up Jogging?

While we all cope with stress in different ways, it’s been proven that exercise can help reduce it and give you an opportunity to get out of the house! If you’ve never considered jogging before, now might be the right time to get started.

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