Moving to a Blacksburg Apartment

Fitting Your Life Into Your New Apartment

With the rising housing market, employment changes because of COVID, and many other factors, more people than ever are choosing apartment living. Some may choose to sell their home while the market is high and have nowhere to go. While others choose to downsize to a more affordable living situation due to job loss or career change. Apartment living offers many benefits, from lower costs and utilities, freedom from home maintenance, no yard work, and access to community amenities; but moving into an apartment can present unique challenges for those downsizing from a single-family home. Here are a few tips for fitting your life into your new apartment:


Moving is the perfect time to go through your belongings and decide what you really want to keep and what it’s time to get rid of. Now is the time to get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you just don’t like! Declutter extra household appliances that you never use (looking at you cakepop maker). Shred old paperwork you don’t need, discard expired food, and finally throw away that pile of junk mail and magazines. Get rid of toys and clothes the kids have grown out of. Packing up all of your belongings can help you realize all of the things you just never use and don’t need.


Moving to Blacksburg ApartmentYour future self will thank you if you thoughtfully organize while packing. Set aside important documents and put the items you will need sooner in their own boxes, such as the coffee maker and your mugs for the morning after your move!
This can also help you discover duplicates of any items you own, such as two copies of the same book, similar clothing items, or pots and pans of the same size. You may also establish a goal of having only ‘one box’ of a certain type of item and getting rid of the rest. One box of knickknacks, for example, and get rid of the ones that don’t fit. One box of seasonal decorations, one box of throw blankets, etc.
Not only does this make unpacking a breeze, since everything is in one place, but it can be a simple downsizing goal to help you keep the items that are most important while removing the clutter.


Just because you don’t want or need something anymore, doesn’t mean you need to throw it away! Donating is a terrific method to get rid of extra stuff without feeling guilty about wasting perfectly good items. Local charity and thrift stores will gladly accept furniture, decorations, household appliances, clothing, shoes, books, and many other personal items. It can be easier to say goodbye to your old items when you know they are going to a good home!


decorating your Blacksburg ApartmentMoving to a new space can be an excellent opportunity to refresh your home décor. Apartments will usually offer usually less square footage per room than a single family home and stuffing large furniture into these spaces can make them feel smaller than they really are. Selling or donating your old furniture will save you the hassle of relocating large furniture pieces and allow you to acquire items that better suit your new apartment.


If you need additional space, even temporarily, you always have the option of renting out storage space. If you need to move quickly and don’t have time to declutter, this can give you more time to sort through your belongings and relieve the stress of a quick move. This can keep you from cramping your apartment and can even be a permanent home to those belongs that just don’t fit, but you don’t want to get rid of. In many cases, your apartment rent plus a storage unit can still be less expensive than a home mortgage. Your apartment community may have rentable storage space on site or can recommend storage units in the area.

At Highlands, we are proud to provide spacious apartments in Blacksburg, perfect for whatever stage of life you are moving into next. Whether you are downsizing or upgrading, we offer a variety of floorplans to choose from. When you are ready to take that step, contact Highlands Apartments in Blacksburg!