The Best Dog Groomers in Blacksburg, VA

Finding the Best Dog Groomers in Blacksburg

Grooming is an important part of most dogs’ lives, and the search for a good dog groomer is an important responsibility. You can always go to Petco or PetSmart, but if your pup needs a haircut regularly, you may want to find a more unique dog grooming experience. Dog groomers near Blacksburg are a special breed, making it possible to keep your best friend looking his best throughout the year while keeping him happy and comfortable.

Every dog is different, and each dog may be happy with a different groomer. It’s a good idea to ask friends, neighbors, and veterinarians for recommendations. You should also call groomers and grooming shops and ask if you and your pup can visit before booking your appointment to help determine how your dog responds to different dog groomers. Mobile dog grooming is also a great option for older dogs who have a hard time traveling or for owners who don’t drive.

Fortunately, there are many types of quality, caring dog groomers near Blacksburg! Whether your pup is ready for a bath and a blowout or needs a detailed ‘do, there is a local dog groomer who can help. Below are a few options:

Ab-C-De Dog Grooming

A great salon for special needs pets.

Claws & Paws Grooming

Known for keeping dogs calm and happy.

Bindee’s Biscuits & Bows

Great prices and visible grooming stations.

Canine Cottage

Conscientious and comprehensive care.

Clip & Dip

Exceptional clips and a dedication to safety.

Doggie Stylez Grooming Salon

Experience and a standard of excellence.

Fur on the Mountain

Kind, professional grooming and DIY wash stations.

Tail Chasers Retreat & Boutique

Full-service baths, nail-trimming, and de-matting with wellness in mind.

Pretty Paws

Gentle, capable groomers ready to work with any pet.

Diva Dogs

Spa quality services and excellent grooming.

Heartstrings Pet Lodge & Spa

Top-notch grooming and state-of-the-art facility.

Hydrodog Mobile Grooming

Convenience and service at your door.

Kibbles on Main

Pet supply shop with self-wash bath stations.

Pampered Pets

Loving care and excellent results for your pets.

Biscuits & Bubbles

Focused on safety and socialization.

Pawlished Mobile Grooming Salon

High quality, stress-free service.

Pawsh for Dogs

Show dog quality spa service for your pet.

Solo Paws

Exceptional customer service and high-end grooming.

Padgett’s Grooming

Fast, friendly, and professional care.

Temple of the Dog

Customized styles and exceptional, caring service.

A wide variety of choices and quality care make Blacksburg a great place to pamper your pet and keep her looking her best. It’s important to read reviews and ask others about their experiences as you look for the best dog groomer for your family. Your search is sure to lead you to the Blacksburg dog groomer that is right for you.